Business Plan Graduation

On Thursday of this week, Tracy and I drove up to Lowell for the Spring Launch/Graduation Ceremony at the New Entry Sustainable Farming Project.  This gave us a chance to meet up the folks with whom I took the farm business plan writing class with in the fall, and also meet some of the students who took it this winter.  26 people took the class altogether in Lowell, and an additional 12 people took the class online in the new distance learning class.  Of those people, just two of us will be farming on the incubator plots this season–so our rookie group is tiny.

Pat getting an award

me getting an award from Ethan Grunberg

New Entry gave awards to a handful of people for their business plans, including me.  (I got a $50 gift certificate to Johnny’s which will be spent right away!)  I especially loved hearing from Hussein, who came all the way down to talk about his farm in Portland, Maine, where he’s working with his family and the Somali community there.  Quite an inspiration.

farming class

some of the folks who did the farm business plan class

We also got our plot assignments.  I can’t wait to see where we’ll be growing the farm!

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