We Have Land

Yesterday, Tracy, Noah, and I all drove up to Dracut to see our plot for the first time.  (Though we actually saw the fields last summer on a tour, but back then it wasn’t ours.)

This is it:

Tracy on first Day

Tracy ready to go on Day 1

There’s a slight slope to it, and the soil looks pretty good.  There are some tall trees on the east side that will shade part of the plot, but only for a few hours a day–we should be able to plant carefully to avoid problems.  There are some rocks, but we’ll make quick work of them.  The cover crop seems mostly killed off, so it won’t be hard to break ground.  The fields won’t be dry enough for use by the tractor until late April, but I’ll turn a row over by hand to start snow peas in the next week or so.

We brought our tape measure, and the plot is 54′ x 182′, so just shy of a quarter acre.  We should be able to grow a lot of veggies on this land.

Noah on Day 1

Noah was ready to give a hand picking up rocks. You can see a hoop house in the background.

There were quite a few deer tracks, so we’ll have to see if they’re going to give us much trouble.  Row covers will help while shoots are small.  (I hope.)

deer tracks

a few deer tracks

I’m excited to get going.  I’ll be up there on Thursday for a greenhouse workshop, so maybe I’ll bring a shovel and get that row ready for peas.  Can’t wait!

Pat on first day

Pat on the first day

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