Field Report: May 7 (plus seedlings growing fast)

On Monday, I caught a break between stretches of rain and put in a day on the field before the next batch of rain.  I planted beet seeds, about 400 chard and kale seedlings, put up row cover over those seedlings, and staked the snow peas.  Quite a workout.

The peas are on the left, ready to climb. Then we've got rows of black plastic, and the new row cover.

I’ve also been doing some work indoors, trying to nurse along more kale seedlings, plus basil and lettuce.  The lettuce is pretty much ready to go out, though we’ve had three days of rain, so the field won’t be dry enough until Saturday or Sunday.  (I might need to get up very, very early, so I can get stuff in the field and not impinge on Mother’s Day.)

Here are some shots of the seedlings.  They look really good.  We’re growing four kinds of kale, including a rainbow lacinato variety that has me pretty excited. (Who doesn’t get excited about dinosaur kale?)