Visitors at Work

A week and a half ago, my neighbors Kevin and Jesus helped me get the tomatoes and peppers in the ground.  We planted a couple hundred pepper plants, and another hundred tomato and tomatillo plants.  It would have taken me forever to do it on my own.  Thanks, guys!  (Of course, I forgot to take photos, because I was so busy planting.)

Over Memorial Day weekend, my mom and her husband, Gary, came to visit us from Florida.  Of course we were eager to show them the farm, but driving all the way up there always means that at least a little work needs to get done.  They were eager to help and jumped right in, helping weed the beds and plant zucchini seeds.  All the works goes a lot faster with many hands.  I’m grateful to have such a helpful family.

we had no trouble keeping everyone busy

Grandma Carol hard at work with the hula hoe

The chard is getting bigger under the row cover

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