Small Packages

Our seed orders arrived last week.  I’m still stunned at the immense expansion that occurs in the transition from seed to plant.  Here are all the seeds we’ve ordered to plant our 1/4 acre.

our seeds for 2012The seeds to grow the Pen and Pepper Farm

That’s right.  They all fit in one small box.  Now admittedly, we ordered a bunch of seedlings of chard, kale, tomatoes, and peppers.  And we’ve got onion sets and potatoes coming, too.  But it still makes a pretty small pile compared to filling 10,000 feet of land full of plants, and hundred and hundreds of pounds of vegetables.  (I think we’ll grow at least half a ton of veggies, if the weather cooperates.  Hopefully more.)

I’m in love with the potential of it all.


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