Season #2 is over.

It’s the end of season #2 for Pen and Pepper Farm.  The field is put to bed, ready to be harrowed and planted with a cover crop for the winter.  I’m sad to say goodbye to our fields at New Entry in Dracut, and don’t know exactly when and where Pen and Pepper will return to farm.

I want to say thanks to Tracy and Noah for working so hard with me.  To Kevin Manuel, for helping me plant seedlings in the spring.  To New Entry for giving us space to farm and incredible support, especially Eero and Guy for teaching me so much this season.  To all my fellow incubator farmers, for their help and good humor in what was a very difficult season.

I thank World Peas and Kate for giving us a great market and stability. And to Sophie, Leah, Hallie, and Andrea at the JP Market for making it fun.  And to our regular customers, whose appreciation of our produce made it all seem worthwhile, especially Jonas, Peter, David.  To Charles and the Huntington Theatre Company for their support at our mini-market.  And especially to our friends who were there for our mini-CSA experiment: Amy Spalletta, Dan Milstein, Bonnie, Walt McGough and Annie Cardi, Roberta, Angela, Erica, Kevin, and Charles and Josh.  And to our neighbors who would stop by our house to buy tomatoes.  We couldn’t have done it without all of you.

Soon, I’ll have time to get into the spreasheets and put up a series of blog posts about how our season went (we made money!) and what we learned (lots).

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