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  • Varieties:¬† Caribe (Fedco)
  • Amount grown:¬† 4 successions, each of around 30 feet
  • Sales:¬† $224.¬† Projected: $216.¬† We were getting $2/bunch, well above our projected price of $1.50/bunch.
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s market and our mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬† 114 bunches¬† Projected: 160 bunches.
  • What was good about it?¬† Cilantro is always a good seller at the market, and its fragrance is a nice attractor for customers.¬† We could easily sell 5-10 bunches every market day (once we sold 14).¬† What we grew was of very high quality.¬† Last year, I cut and bunched it, and I started doing that this year.¬† But I learned that it’s much better to pull out the plants by the roots and sell them whole because it stays fresher at the market that way, and it’s faster to pick that way, and each succession is really only good for 3 weeks, before it starts to bolt.¬† Picking it all by the roots really forces you to do the succession work and not try to eke out another cutting. Keeping it well-weeded early is critical for plant health and for ease of harvest.¬† I direct seeded it heavily in two rows per bed.¬† Thinning produced the first harvest, and then I could pick every other plant for 2-3 weeks, before the bed was empty.
  • What could have been better?¬† Our first succession was overwhelmed by weeds and standing water from the bad weather.¬† And I was clipping it rather than pulling it.¬† Cilantro really prefers loose, well drained soil.¬† Raised beds helped us get that for the later season plantings.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Oh, yes.¬† I just love this stuff.¬† It’s fun to grow and customers like it and I think we finally figured out a good way to grow it.
  • Varieties: Champion (High Mowing)
  • Amount grown: 2 successions.¬† Spring succession of about 40 feet all died due to standing water. Fall succession was about 50 feet.
  • Sales:¬† $125 ¬† Projected $192.¬† We were getting $3/bunch, versus our projected price of $2.
  • Where sold: Farmer’s market and our mini-CSA
  • Amount sold: 41 bunches.¬† Projected: 96
  • What was good about it? The fall succession was AMAZING.¬† We grew it in double rows, spaced about 12 inches between plants, from transplants started under lights in our basement.¬† We grew the plants under row cover, and they got to be HUGE.¬† Amazingly tender.¬† Very little pest problems for the late season crop, though we did spray bT against white cabbage butterflies (they were doing major damage). This was the first time I felt like I’ve gotten collards right.¬† I even sold 11 bunches at the market in one day, which was a shocker, because not everyone is used to cooking them.¬† But they were just so beautiful.
  • What could have been better? We lost the entire early season crop due to weather and weeds.¬† I should have given up on it sooner and started over. Standing water just killed us.¬† I’m not sure it’s worth doing a spring crop of collards anyway.¬† In our climate, it’s probably best to just leave it for the fall. All our collards were sold in October.
  • Would I grow it again? Yes.¬† In the fall, doing an August transplanting of seeds started indoors in July, for an October crop.¬† Raised beds can be helpful.
  • Varieties: Marketmore 76 and Lemon (both from High Mowing)
  • Amount grown: 90 feet Marketmore, 70 feet Lemon
  • Sales: $25.50.¬† Projected:¬† $170
  • Where sold: Farmer’s market and our mini-CSA
  • Amount sold: 44.¬† Projected: 340
  • What was good about it? When we had them, they sold very well.¬† The plants looked great before disease took them out.
  • What could have been better? Wow, these really tanked for us this year.¬† I thought that by getting a late planting, we’d avoid striped cucumber beetles.¬† And we did, but we ended up having fungal problems that took out the entire crop, just as it was really getting going.¬† We didn’t get a single lemon cucumber.¬† The fungal problems were a function of our very wet late spring and very hot early summer.¬† Cucumbers are a crop that I’m far from mastering.¬† I need to try more successions, and hope to have one of them hit for us.¬† But on a small farm hampered by early wet soil conditions, that was pretty much impossible.
  • Would I grow it again? Maybe.¬† I love eating them and selling them, and customers like them.¬† But pests and disease have made them very hard to grow.¬† I’d keep trying, but I wouldn’t count on making a lot of money from them.
  • Varieties:¬† Cosmos (Sensation Purity, Fedco), Zinnias (Gold Medal Mix, Fedco), Calendula (Flashback, Fedco), Sunflowers (Sunrich and Sunbright, Johnny’s)
  • Amount grown: 20 ft Cosmos, 20 ft Zinnias, 20 ft Calendula, two succesions of Sunflowers, each about 100 feet.
  • Sales:¬† $67 cut flowers (non-sunflower), $209 sunflowers.¬† Projected:¬† $196 cut flowers, $345 sunflowers.¬† We got a lower price than projected for bouquets ($3-$4 vs $4) and for sunflowers ($1/each versus $4 for 3 flower bunches).
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s market, our mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬† 21 bunches cut flowers, 209 sunflowers.¬† Projected:¬† 52 bouquets of cut flowers, 270 sunflowers.
  • What was good about it?¬† They were so pretty in the field, and they attracted customers.¬† The sunflowers were absolutely gorgeous, and the single-stem hybrids really are designed to be cut and sold.¬† I loved having them at the market.¬† The cut sunflowers lasted a very long time, at least a week.¬† Customers really liked them.
  • What could have been better?¬† Our cut flowers suffered a lot from standing water in the field early in the season–this lead to stunted plants and a very delayed harvest.¬† The zinnias and calendula produced almost nothing for us.¬† I also didn’t like any of the varieties that we had for cut flowers, in terms of coloration.¬† Next time I’d choose pink cosmos–white don’t draw enough attention at the market (we had some pink and reds in there by accident, but they were mostly white). More single colors and brighter colors. I also am not fast enough at cutting the flowers to make it an efficient crop.¬† The sunflowers seeds were expensive ($58), and I’d like to try to find a cheaper source.¬† I also had two main successions, which turned out to a big mistake, because they’re so well-hybridized that each succession ALL BLOOMED AT ONCE.¬† Which gave me lots of sunflowers, but what I needed was to have smaller successions planted every week, so that I could have some at every market, instead of bringing 100 flowers on a single day. They also didn’t sell quite as well as I expected (I didn’t count on having any leftover).¬† On the other hand, having leftover sunflowers is not a bad thing, because we love having them in the house.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Yes.¬† I’d try cut flowers again, but maybe different types of flowers.¬† Choosing ones that are fast to pick and bunch is very important.¬† And I’d definitely do sunflowers, but in smaller successions, so that I could have them more steadily over the summer.¬† They were very good attractors and brightened the whole market.
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Bull's Blood Beet Greens
  • Varieties:¬† Early Wonder (Fedco), Chiogga Guardsmark (Pelleted, Johnny’s), Bull’s Blood (High Mowing)
  • Amount grown:¬† Spring succession:¬† 50 ft Early Wonder, 50 ft Chiogga, 70 ft Bull’s Blood.¬† Fall succession:¬† 35 ft Early Wonder, 35 ft Chiogga.¬† All direct seeded.
  • Sales:¬† $198 (Early Wonder and Chiogga), $179 Bull’s Blood, $377 total beet sales.¬† Projected:¬† $392.
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s market and our mini-CSA.
  • Amount sold:¬† 61 bunches Chiogga and Early Wonder, 64 bunches Bull’s Blood
  • What was good about it?¬† Field conditions were very bad for our early beets, but the Bull’s Blood managed to get through it (the others didn’t).¬† I sold the Bull’s Blood primarily for their greens for most of the season, and they were a steady and popular seller. The fall crop of beets did much better, especially the Chiogga beets, which had good size and quality and beautiful greens.¬† When I had beets at the market, they usually sold pretty well.¬† I was able to harvest multiple cuttings of Bull’s Blood Beet greens, a lot like chard.¬† Bull’s Blood beet greens enabled us to come in close to our projected sales.¬† Plus our we got a better price for the greens ($3 versus $2) than expected. ¬† I did apply some Boron to try to perk up the first planting, which helped a little (but not enough).
  • What could have been better?¬†¬† Field conditions were very, very bad for our early beets.¬† They had almost no size.¬† Plus we had bad weed pressure (due to early wet conditions).¬† I should have given up earlier on the first planting of beets–if they don’t get off to a good start, it seems like it’s very hard for them to reach a marketable size.¬† They really need well-drained soil and can’t be super wet.¬† Our second planting was in a raised bed and that helped a LOT (as did better weather).¬† The Bull’s Blood were very strong and lasted through most of the season, but their quality declined in the fall.¬† I would have been better off planting a second succession of them in late summer.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Yes, because customers like them and we got a decent price for them.¬† This is a crop that I want to learn to grow better.¬† I love growing Bull’s Blood–their greens are so beautiful and they’re something most customers have never tried before (and enjoy).¬† Next time, I would grow only Early Wonder in the spring, and grow Red Ace and Chiogga in the fall.¬† And Bull’s Blood all season.¬† I find that I have to sow the seed pretty heavily to get good germination (and then thin), so I’ll make sure to order more seeds next time.
  • Varieties:¬† De Cicco (Johnny’s)
  • Amount grown:¬† Spring succession: 50 ft, fall succession: 100 ft
  • Sales:¬† $29.¬† Projected:¬† $180
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s Market
  • Amount sold:¬† 10 bags
  • What was good about it?¬† Not much.¬† Well, I guess it sprouted pretty well in our transplant trays and we had very strong seedlings.¬† And the flavor for what we harvested was very good.
  • What could have been better?¬† This was a terrible crop for us this year.¬† The spring crop suffered from very bad field conditions and bad weather.¬† Too much water, standing water, weed pressure, then a severe heat wave in early July hurt yield a lot.¬† This is a crop that I should have given up on sooner.¬† Our fall crop was planted in mid-August and grew to be huge plants, but gave NO harvestable heads.¬† Huge disappointment.¬† I guess next time, I’ll have to get it started a couple weeks earlier.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Maybe as a learning exercise, but I still am a long way from mastering it for production.¬† I would definitely NOT grow De Cicco again–the heads are too small.¬† Broccoli seems like a lot of work and field space for a crop with a fairly limited yield.¬† I also had a very hard time finding organic seeds in the varieties that I want.¬† However, my family loves to eat broccoli (as do our customers), so I’d like to figure this one out someday.
Carrots in the field
  • Varieties:¬† Ya Ya, pelleted (Johnny’s)
  • Amount grown:¬† 100 ft
  • Sales:¬† $108.¬† Projected:¬† $240.
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s Market and our mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬† 36 bunches
  • What was good about it?¬† The carrots were pretty tasty and of a decent size.¬† Customers liked them and we almost always sold out.
  • What could have been better?¬† Poor field conditions and bad weather led to a very late harvest.¬† I’d planned on a late spring/early summer crop, but instead was harvesting in September.¬† I should have ordered a lot more seeds–they need to be seeded pretty heavily.¬† The timing for weeding carrots is a bit of an art, and I felt like a real duffer.¬† We suffered from heavy weed pressure, due to our super rainy June and July.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† I’d try.¬† I like eating carrots and apparently so do my customers.¬† And they provide nice variety on the farm stand.¬† However, it’s critical to make sure that you have the right soil if you’re going to grow carrots–we suffered from compaction about 8 inches down, which was not good for our carrots.¬† A raised bed would have helped somewhat.¬† I like Ya Ya–they’re pretty sturdy, and I like a beefy carrot.
chard at the market
  • Varieties:¬† Improved Rainbow Mix (High Mowing)
  • Amount grown:¬† 340 feet (2 separate beds, each with a double row).¬† Some were transplants and some was direct seeded.¬† I even purchased some seedlings.¬† Generally, I think direct seeding of chard and work out pretty well, especially if they’re under cover.
  • Sales:¬† $1,252.¬† Projected:¬† $1,545
  • Where sold:¬† World Peas Cooperative CSA, Farmer’s Market, our Mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬† 542 bunches.¬† Projected:¬† 744
  • What was good about it?¬† Later in the season we had good size on the leaves.¬† The bunches we were able to harvest looked good.¬† I’m a fan of the rainbow mix.
  • What could have been better?¬† We came in below projections for both sales and quantity, and sales were actually boosted by us getting more than our expected price at the farmer’s market ($3/bunch vs. $2/bunch).¬† Usually, I find chard super easy to grow, but we struggled a lot with it this season.¬† Again, weather and water were the big problems.¬† Those problems led to some fungal disease that great reduced our yields.¬† The two beds I planted should have been more than enough to meet all our World Peas orders, but I came up short many times, because I had to cull so many diseased leaves.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Yes.¬† I like growing it, and it’s a steady seller.¬† When we have better weather and soil conditions, it’s pretty easy to grow.¬† Plus, I’m able to harvest the plants all season long, which is a big help. Clearly crop rotation is important to help avoid disease, and I’d be more careful next time.
Chard in the field
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  • Varieties:¬† Red and green. We didn’t plan to grow this, but Karen, one of the other incubator farmers gave me some extra seedlings. We sold the bags of the greens a couple times and also harvested the tops of the red amaranth to sell as cut flowers.
  • Amount grown:¬† About 12 feet, about a dozen plants.
  • Sales:¬† $35
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s market only.
  • Amount sold:¬† 9 bags of leaves.¬† Plus 4-6 bouquets of red amaranth blooms.
  • What was good about it?¬† It got a good price, about $4/bag.¬† It’s supposed to be very healthy.¬† The flowers are very attractive.¬† It grew very well in a part of the field that suffered from compaction and poor drainage.¬† It was the one green that didn’t mind the heat or bad weather.¬† The mature plants were large and had very few pest problems.
  • What could have been better?¬† I’m not quite sure the best way to harvest and prepare the leaves. Most customers had never heard of it, so it took a lot of hand selling to make the sale at the market.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Maybe. It was a little hard to sell, but it was easy to grow and did very well in the heat.¬† I think I’d need to do more research on how to harvest it more efficiently and find some good recipes to help sell it.¬† I sure liked the way the mature plants looked in the field–very pretty.
Thai Basil in the field.
  • Varieties:¬† Genovese and Sweet Thai Basil. Both seeds came from Johnny’s, and the Genovese was pelleted.¬† The pelleted seeds are a little easier to work with.¬† We started all our basil under lights in our basement and transplanted them.
  • Amount grown:¬† We grew just one succession of Thai Basil, about 20 feet,¬† plants spaced only about 6-8 inches apart in a 3-foot bed.¬† We grew several succession of Genovese. The first was a dense bed of about 50 feet.¬† Later we planted small plantings where zucchini plants had died due to disease or pests. And last we planted about 50 feet in a double row in a raised bed, with 8-10 inch spacing between plants, about 12-16 inches between rows.¬† (This worked best.)
  • Sales:¬† $398 Genovese, $156 Thai Basil ($554 combined).¬†¬† We had projected sales of $1,026 for both combined.
  • Where sold:¬† Farmer’s Market, World PEAS CSA, our home mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬† 172 bunches Genovese, 52 bunches Thai (124 total).¬† Projected was 535 bunches.
  • What was good about it?¬† The Thai Basil bed did pretty well in the heat and poor soil and lasted through most of the season.¬† When we had basil, we were generally able to sell most of it at the market. World Peas would have taken a lot more from us.¬† The biggest plus was that we had only planned to get $2/bunch at the farmer’s market, and we ended up selling bunches for $3, with little trouble.¬† It’s super fragrant, which helps attract customers. Last year, we grew cinnamon basil, which was a bit too specialized for our market–the Thai basil was a little easier to sell, and still very fragrant.
  • What could have been better? As you can see from the numbers, basil was not a good crop for us this season. It was planted in a part of the field with very poor soil, heavy weed pressure, and very bad drainage. Basil just doesn’t like to have it’s feet soaking wet all the time, so ours really suffered this summer.¬† The later plantings, in a raised bad, were starting to finally do better, but then the entire crop succumbed to Basil Downy Mildew.
  • Would I grow it again?¬† Yes.¬† I like growing basil, and generally it’s easy to grow. I’d be a lot more careful about where I put it–it does not tolerate poorly drained soil.¬† I’d be cautious of counting on huge quantities of it, though, because of Basil Downy Mildew.¬† I’m not quite sure how to get around that problem–it’s an airborne fungus, without a good organic control available.¬† In an incubator setting, like where we were growing, there can be multiple basil crops, and if one farmer gets it, then it can spread quickly (that’s what happened to us).
beans int he field
  • Varieties:¬† Bush beans.¬† Maxibel (Johnny’s) and Tavera (High Mowing)
  • Amount grown: 4 successions, each about 30 feet, in a double row (one row of Maxibel, and one of Tavera, side by side).¬† Rows spaced about 12 inches, plants thinned to 2-4 inches, direct seeded at about 1-2 seeds/inch.
  • Sales: $182¬†¬†¬† Projected sales: $550
  • Where sold: Farmer’s Market and our home mini-CSA
  • Amount sold:¬†¬† 60 pounds. ¬† Projected about 140 pounds.
  • What was good about it? The quality of of the last two successions, harvested in September and October were very good.¬† The last succession, grown in a raised bed with good drainage, had excellent yield and strong plants.¬† Both are tender, French-cut beans that sold very well at the market.¬† The Maxibels are a little larger and longer and have a better yield. Taveras are a little shorter and can be sold in pint containers, which can raise the price from $3/pound to $4/pound ($2/pint).¬† The Taveras are a little sweeter.¬† The Maxibels successions produced for about 2 weeks each, the Taveras could be picked a little longer.¬† Both sold VERY well when we had them.¬† I don’t think we ever didn’t sell out.
  • What could have been better?¬† Our first succession all died, due to standing water in the field.¬† The second succession struggled in the same field, again from wet soil.¬† The plants grew, but were small and yielded poorly.¬† We only got good beans very late in the season, when the weather and fields dried out enough.
  • Would I grow it again? Yes.¬† I’m personally partial to Tavera, though I can see the benefit of Maxibel.¬† Both sold VERY well, and our customers always wanted more.¬† I think growing a French cut bean is the way to go for a small operation like us, because the quality is high and taste far superior to a standard string bean.¬† Nobody in our family likes picking beans (it’s a tiresome chore), so we not likely to plant more than 30-40 feet at a time.¬† We had soil/field/space issues this season, which really hurt.¬† For us, I think 30-foot successions, every 3 weeks, over the whole season are really the way to go, but it takes good planning to make that work (and some luck).¬† I should have spaced the rows and plants a little wider for better yield.
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Pat picking tomatillos
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Pat at the wash stand.
  • World PEAS Cooperative CSA:¬† $6,5232¬† (41%)
  • JP Farmer’s Market (16 weeks): $6,542¬†¬† (41%)
  • Our mini-CSA to neighbors:¬† $2,159¬†¬†¬† (We signed up a small group of friends and neighbors to buy $20 bags from us, every week)¬† (14%)
  • Other (mini-markets in our house and at the Huntington Theatre Company and to random neighbors):¬† $587¬† (4%)
  • Tomatoes:¬† $4,917¬† (we sold more than 1,700 lbs, and used more than 250 lbs ourselves)
  • Kale:¬† $3,397¬† (1,445 bunches)
  • Husk Cherries:¬† $450.¬† From 20 plants.¬† These were definitely our MVP (most valuable plant), yielding more than $22/plant.¬† These weren’t even in my crop plan!
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